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Parks - An Elegant Game

Updated: May 24, 2022

Parks is a 1-5 player game by Henry Audobon and published by Keymaster Games. Everything about the game has been well thought out. From the artwork inspired by the national parks to the component quality, to the included game insert shows a loving attention to detail. After the release of Wingspan, people have come to expect a higher quality experience in the games they play and Parks delivers in that respect.

The one area some people may not appreciate the game is in its overall lack of meaningful choices. The game rewards a fairly slow, plodding approach to collecting the resources in game. All but the last player to end each season will usually be able to gain more resources from taking their time. This is not to say this game rewards analysis paralysis, but it is more of a backwards race. This leads to some of the choices seeming to be made for the players in terms of resource availability of visiting of parks cards which are the main way of garnering points in the game.

Overall, Parks will appeal to families and lighter gamers who don't want to do too much thinking and want to have an enjoyable experience together. The artwork, straight from the National Parks 59 parks prints, will provide plenty for a group to discuss on its own merits. We highly and enthusiastically recommend Parks as great group experience. Just watch out for the bears.


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