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Available Services


You have seen my work and not known it: used by 

Vox, Popular Mechanic, Medium, Slate, and viewed millions of times around the world.

Need a group shot of people playing your game? Shots of your amazing components? Contact me to arrange pricing. Starting at $50.

Game Meetups

Want a particular game highlighted in our local Meetup? 

Same deal as the demos- I will learn your game and share it with the local Cincinnati, OH group I run. 

Game Demos

Want me to show up to your event and demo your game? I can demo a game (a single event) if you send me a copy; multiple events may require compensation. If travel is involved, you cover my travel costs. 


I'll preview or review your game for free- I just request a production copy of the game. My reviews take a little bit longer than some people because I play a game at least 5-6 times before writing or recording video.  

Instagram posts are free and part of my coverage. 

How to plays start at 10 minutes for $150. 

Private Game Events

You pick the type of games. I show up to entertain your group. Priced according to your group size from 4 to 15 people. 

Starting at $20 per hour.

I can also run retreats, role playing games, narrative events, and group building events. 

View my library here.

Game Development & Consulting

I have worked on several games in the past few years. Contact me to discuss development for your game. I am familiar with production both in the U.S. and abroad. I'm also available for professional, critical play-testing over iterations of the game. 


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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