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Blacklist Games Acquired by Steamforged

Today Steamforged Games - makers of titles such as Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, Dark Souls RPG and Board Game, and Sea of Thieves - announced that they were acquiring Blacklist Games. I recently covered games by both companies independently in games that caught my eye at GAMA Expo 2023.

Steamforged has consistently put out attention grabbing IP related games and this recent acquisition will only expand their catalog.

Here is the press release:

Steamforged Games Acquires Altar Quest IP

Steamforged Games Announces acquisition of Altar Quest from Blacklist Games LLC

Manchester, United Kingdom - May 02, 2023 - Steamforged Games, leading tabletop game developer and publisher (ELDEN RING™: The Board Game, DARK SOULS™: The Board Game, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game, the Resident Evil™ board games, Bardsung, Euthia Resurrected, and more), announces the acquisition of the popular dungeon-crawling board game, Altar Quest, from Blacklist Games LLC. This strategic acquisition will further enhance Steamforged Games' strong portfolio and reinforce the company’s commitment to delivering immersive, high-quality tabletop gaming experiences.

Altar Quest is a cooperative fantasy adventure game set in the world of Aridika. Playing as unique heroes, players embark on quests in an ever-changing modular dungeon filled with lurking enemies and sinister villains — all while at the mercy of unstable ‘altar magic’ — in either one-off sessions or an engrossing campaign. Inspired by classic dungeon-crawling board games and modern deck-building mechanics, Altar Quest blends strategy, cooperation, and exploration to deliver a fresh take on a classic deep dungeon experience.

With this acquisition, Steamforged Games will handle the ongoing development, production, and distribution of Altar Quest and its future. “Altar Quest is a fantastic IP that fits right in with the Steamforged library of cooperative campaign games, and one our fans will love,” said Rich Loxam, co-founder and CEO of Steamforged Games. “We’re excited to be picking up the mantle from Blacklist and to get Altar Quest into the hands of more gamers.”

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About Steamforged Games Ltd

Founded in 2014 in the corner of a hobby gaming store in Manchester, UK, Steamforged Games has gone on to create tabletop adaptations of some of the biggest video games around. In 2019, Steamforged received a £5million investment to continue growing the business from private equity firm, Foresight Group, on the strength of an “excellent track record in creating, developing, and launching games” and a “strong product pipeline”.

The company’s history of adaptations began with the wildly successful DARK SOULS™ board game. Steamforged took the game to Kickstarter back in 2016, where it raised a record-breaking £3.7million followed by significant success at retail. Now, Steamforged’s DARK SOULS™ tabletop range has a combined retail value of almost $40 million with more than half a million units sold.

Since 2016, Steamforged’s catalogue has grown to include popular board game versions of triple-A video games such as Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil™ 1, 2, and 3, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and more, all well-received as authentic experiences true to the brand DNA. Steamforged has also seen significant success with original IP such as Bardsung, Epic Encounters, and Animal Adventures, and has successfully fulfilled more than eleven tabletop game crowdfunding campaigns.

Now the UK’s leading developer and publisher of licensed tabletop games with over fifteen tabletop ranges, Steamforged is led by a love of the craft, a collective pride in what they create, and a mission to deliver compelling tabletop experiences that capture the emotions and inspire the imaginations of players around the world.

About Blacklist Games LLC

Blacklist Games LLC is an independent game publisher specializing in high-quality, thematic, and engaging tabletop games. Blacklist Games has earned a reputation for delivering games that combine captivating gameplay with rich narrative experiences.


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