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GAMA Expo 2024- Media First Look Photos!

Some of these games have been out in the wild for a while, some this really was a first chance to see them. There were a ton of people and not enough time (we got around 90 minutes to try to visit around 40+ tables!)

Highlights for me included new art for cards on Molly House from Wehrlegig Games, seeing Forges of Ravenshire in person, and meeting some of the interesting people who I have asked to be on the podcast including some of this year's Horizon's Fellows (I covered more of them last year).

*This post is part of my continuing coverage of GAMA Expo 2024 were I am part of the Hosted Media program. The Game Manufacturer's Association promotes tabletop games of all types and brought media in, expenses paid, to cover the event as a service to industry members.


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