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Evil Genius Games

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Evil Genius Productions logo with small villain genius in the middle

I don't always like having to learn a whole new set of rules, so when an RPG company allows me to add to what I already know, I find that helpful. One of the more recent games to do that is Evil Genius Games. This company has people who worked on the most played RPG roleplaying game in the world (you know that 5th Ed, d20 one) on their team.

The core book for Evil Genius Games is Everyday Heroes. It's a hefty rulebook (460 or so pages) with a world based on action movies and first person shooter style video games. You and your friends are set up to be the hero (of course!) in this case. Recently, the company Kickstarted its The Legendary Bundle which included Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim: Dominion of Iron Modules. They were both eye catching at GAMA Expo in Reno and at Origins in June. I read through the Pacific Rim module and really liked it.

Pacific Rim A Cinematic Adventure is a compatible rulebook with the Everyday Heroes System showing three Jaegers on the front in a destroyed city setting

I really want to get to pilot a Jaeger against a Kaiju. Like most games, it's just finding the group that wants to play. Fall conventions may have saved that for me- Evil Genius is doing some great organized play and supported play for GMs. If you are into their books, you should check out their blog post on the topic here.

For those looking for a different type of 5e experience, I would recommend checking out this company and their products. I recently had Sigfried Trent - one of the writers of the game on the podcast to talk about it.

You can listen anywhere you get your podcast audio or here.

You can watch here.

D. Todd Scott lying on concrete with arms out

I also recently met the owner of the company again- Dave Scott. He was a smart and funny guy and shared his passion about the game (hence the need for a dedicated post!). His games have caught my eye for a while and after talking with him it was clear he was passionate about his products.

This is one of the games I'm most excited to play at a regional con this fall. You can find out more about the line of RPG products and cool swag on their website> I might have to pick up that coffee mug at some point...

Everyday Heroes picture shows 8 heroes of various ethnicities, disabilities, and body types ready to defeat villains in an international urban setting

character profile: the Brute - The Brute relies on raw muscle to smash through their problems. Archetype: Strong Hero Attributes: Strength and Constitution Skills & Proficiencies: Athletics, Unarmed Fighting, Simple Weapons Special Abilities: Power attack, Reckless attack, Crush, Hurl, Smash, Barrel Down, Unstoppable


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