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I just got my badge at GAMA Expo 2024 and already I'm seeing some new and different things than I have seen before. The Designer Day is in full swing, and space was limited so I found some designers out in the wild with their games. The first I met and talked to was Bennett Payne.

His game, Magneterra, immediately caught my eye with its table presence.

Two of the heroes vying for Tochons which are magnets in a blue sort of 4 sided pointy token. Once sits on top of a nearby pinnacle with some wall tokens near to the two characters which each have a number of Tochons each

The game is about characters trying to get Tochons (magnets) by using different abilities as they stand next to pillars which hold Tochon throughout the board. Each player will use their character abilities and cards to catch as many as they can.

Aaliyah Moore is a character with 3 strength, 3 attack, 2 defense, and 2 walls. She has a fantasy shield and the ability to grow in two areas from novice to master.

The board doesn't just have a nice table presence, the art is also quite well done. There is an entire universe and story which accompanies the game if you are in to that sort of thing.

The players also work against evil minions and monsters which attempt to thwart your best laid plans. It plays in around an hour to an hour and a half. 2 to 4 players will be able to compete to gain the most Tochons and you can follow the game here.

The game was created out of a family challenge taken to completion.

The designer and his brother show off Magneterra with spires, dice, cards, and character sheets in a fantasy setting.

the game contains several custom dice which denote several effects

The will be coming to Kickstarter around summer 2024.

*My time at GAMA Expo 2024 was sponsored by the Game Manufacturer's Association as part of the Hosted Media program.


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