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GAMA Expo 2024 Gets Rolling

This event at GAMA Expo is kind of like media speed dating. We had 90 minutes to get a chance to see what might be a good fit for checking out later this week or following up with designers or publishers at a later point in time. I appreciate that it is a bit quieter than game nights at Expo and you have the space to see games and even ask a few questions.

Media first look room had tables with a single publisher's game set up around a meeting room in the Galt House Hotel

I'll be posting pictures and some thoughts on that more later in the week as I do more follow up with the people I connected with very briefly there.

Designer Eric Lang teaching a group of people Life in Reterra at GAMA Expo 2024

There were several new games at game night tonight, but the one that really caught my eye was Life in Reterra from Avalon Hill and Hasbro. The game is a co-design between Eric Lang and Ken Gruhl. The artwork caught my eye on the box and the table before I even saw that it was Eric teaching the game. The rules were simple (I read through the rulebook in about 3 minutes on a first pass), but the gameplay looked engaging enough that I want to come back to it soon.

Fallout Factions is a new miniatures skirmish game in a box with simplified combat system. The cover of the box shows Luka-World and someone with a flame sword fighting someone with a barbed bat

Fallout Factions is a new miniatures based skirmish game from Modiphius Games

The starter set has a fairly reasonable price point with a good amount of minis (about 20) plus a low overhead rules set compared to other systems. It is definitely designed to get fans of the IP into a miniatures rich game.

Medici by Reiner Knizia is shown with a square board with a 5 section round board in the middle and brightly colored pieces. The box cover shows someone at a port directing a sailing ship.

The new version of Medici and published by Steamforged Games was also available for demo. The game looks like an homage to the original printing from 1995 while simultaneously refreshing and cleaning up the game to modern standards.

I can't wait to play this updated version of the game because I have had fun with it before and to add this version will make the game accessible to a whole new generation of gamers at a reasonable price point.

I'm looking forward to finally getting around the Exhibitor Hall tomorrow, but today was another great day of exploring the world of gaming.

Game night felt even bigger than Reno and there was a ton of enthusiasm for many different games. The picture below only shows about one third of the room size filled with tables of games.

A large ballroom filled to capacity with full tables of people demoing games

*This post is part of my continuing coverage of GAMA Expo 2024 were I am part of the Hosted Media program. The Game Manufacturer's Association promotes tabletop games of all types and brought media in, expenses paid, to cover the event as a service to industry members.


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