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GAMA Expo 2024- Louisville Site Visit

GAMA Expo 2024 will be held in Louisville, Kentucky. I got the chance to visit Louisville to see the Kentucky International Convention Center and the Galt House Hotel with the Game Manufacturer's staff and some publishers, creators, manufacturers, and other division members from GAMA yesterday.

It was wonderful to meet some new people and learn a lot on the drive there and back. I was exhausted from GenCon, but it was an additional day trip well worth it.

Additionally, I took some pictures so those publishers and manufacturers who couldn't visit could get a sense for the spaces and places they will be doing business next year.

First up, the convention center. There will be plenty more space for exhibitors this year. Running out of room shouldn't be a problem. Everyone who wants a booth should be able to get one- and there is room to expand more. There is over 200,000 sq. feet of main exhibition space available. GAMA has a great list of of the rooms available to everyone.

The daily show will be at the KICC. The nightly activities will be in the Galt House. There are many available options for dining and other hotels near these two locations though. I will be covering them more this fall so that people can get pictures and a better sense of the area.

A gallery of images related to the convention center:

The Galt House will be where nightly activity rooms are available. We also got to see one of the upper suites. This might be a nice place to meet with people in a more private setting for those who want that availability. I'm sure these rooms will go fast once the block opens.

Game night will be at the Galt House, see the pictures farther below this gallery for that info.

Meeting rooms and hotel rooms at the Galt House:

Game night will be happening in a larger room and I know GAMA staff is listening to feedback and going to try to find ways to help make the room a bit quieter.

Here are two images of that room, currently with a partition but it is twice as big.

There are various dining options on site at the Galt House (and a barber shop!):

I'm looking forward to seeing GAMA Expo grow in Louisville next year!

Riverboat docked next to road, yellow bridge covering expanse of Ohio River and city in the distance with clouds overhead
Ohio River from one of the guest rooms at the Galt House


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