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Gimme That! - Ultra Light Party Game

Updated: May 24, 2022

I wonder how long the game Hot Potato has been around? This game prompted that question in my mind. This is essentially Hot Potato the roll and write. There really isn't much to the rules. Give a player the single pencil, the player on their left gets the die, and everyone gets a sheet to write on during the game.

Play commences and the player with the pencil will try to write on top of the potatoes until they get to 100. The die will get rolled with 3 of the 6 sides being non-sensical actions like "mash, mash, mash" or fist-bumping. Mercifully in order to make something game like happen, 2 sides of the die force the players to pass the pencil and the die to the person on the left, respectively.

There is no real strategy here. It's a game that is all about writing fast and rolling the die fast. 3-8 players can play an ultra-light party game where hopefully no one gets stabbed with the pencil. My kids liked it because it got loud. It's not my sort of thing, but the die is quite whimsical. You could also change the rules to incorporate younger player by having less numbers written or just "x" out the potatoes. It wouldn't fundamentally change the game.

Need some stickers? The game comes with that too, and that is probably exactly who this game is intended to please- those who would like the stickers. If you need me to talk about the game instead of read it - you can check that out here.


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