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Power Retailers

Updated: May 2, 2023

Today is our first day at GAMA Expo and I attended the Power Retailers lunch. Thanks to GAMA (The Game Manufacturer's Association) for hosting us as sponsored media for this event. Getting to see the enthusiasm from the retail division for what they do was nice, especially as a former retail manager myself.

Here are the winners from the different categories.

Overall Store Design:

A fantastic looking layout from Rain City Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Innovation in Games:

Zia Comics and Games in Las Cruces, NM USA

They have a podcast called the Nerdcast plus they regularly change their logo mascot to match events and seasons. Looked fun.

Outstanding Contribution to Games Industry:

Games of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

Originally part of Chessex Distribution from what I could understand. This store has been part of its community for 43 years. The owner recently made two managers partners in the business. A different employee stood up and shared a heartwarming story about how stores like this provide community; he had been going there since he was a kid but only has been an employee for two years.

Business of the Year :

Red Claw Gaming, Edmonton, Alberta, CA

This store won the award for basically best of the best. They had been a finalist for several categories, but took home this prestigious award from their peers.

There was a little insight into the process and the pool of applicants. It was great to see so many supportive of one another in this industry.

Thanks again to GAMA for inviting and sponsoring us as media for this event.*

*GAMA is providing some meals and housing for our coverage.


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