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S6E3 - Danielle Reynolds

Danielle Reynolds (Herstory, eBay: Buy it Now) is a game designer and the host of the Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication podcast. She joined me on the podcast recently to talk about what she values in game design and some of her upcoming designs that will published.

She recently joined the team at Wise Wizard Games (Star Realms) as a project manner.

You can listen here. Or, anywhere you get your podcasts.

Episode synopsis:

Danielle Reynolds is a game designer and host of Game Design Unboxed Podcast. We talk about her new job news at Wise Wizard Games, designing games, and working full time in different parts of the board game industry. Games mentioned in this episode: Herstory, Tiny Towns, Watch Mojo: A Super Fan Top 10 Party Game, eBay Buy it Now, Sushi Go!, Cluckle, Stargazers, Secret Clue: Animals.

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