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The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying Out Now (Press Release) - Tabletop Games News

Updated: May 11, 2023

I received the following correspondence from Free League this morning. Since the LOTR is one of my favorite IP's I thought I would share it. Personally, I am looking forward to another tabletop setting to explore. This new release is the second edition of their books plus a 5e compatible set.

For those who don't know Free League is the publisher of RPGs like Tales from the Loop , Blade Runner: The RPG, and Twilight 2000.

5e compatible books and game master screen for Lord of the Rings roleplaying game,
New LOTR products from Free League

[Press Release from Free League with their art assets]

Rejoice, the path to Middle-earth has opened for new adventurers. Free League Publishing today officially released the 5E adaptation of the award-winning second edition of The One Ring™ RPG, entitled The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying. The core volume is released alongside the Shire™ Adventures sourcebook and a Loremaster's Screen with a compendium about Rivendell. All three items are now available for purchase via the official website, and soon in hobby stores worldwide. Together, you are entering the Lone-lands of Eriador. It is here that the One Ring lies, a seed of the past that will one day lead the world to open war against the returning Shadow. The Enemy is moving, and smoke issues once more from Mount Doom, in the land of Mordor...

Hobbit in front of green door leaving a house for adventure
Shire Adventure Cover

Find out more about The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying for 5E:

The new edition of The One Ring™ RPG, set in the world of The Lord of the Rings™ by J.R.R. Tolkien and designed by Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi, became the most successful tabletop roleplaying core game ever on Kickstarter in March 2021. Now Middle-earth is open for new roleplayers with the brand new 5E adaptation The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying.

TheLordoftheRings™ Roleplaying is 236-page beautifully designed and illustrated hardback volume that contains what players need to create 5E adventures set in the world’s most popular fantasy setting: six original heroic cultures fromthe land of Eriador, six new classes, a host of terrifying adversaries, and comprehensive rules for journeys, councils, wondrous artefacts, and the subtle magic of Middle-earth.

A wizard on a white horse reaches out a hand to a hawk while passing under a large stone arch
Artwork from game

Shire™ Adventures is a 104-page hardback volume that describes the Shire in great detail, as well as five short adventures and seven pre-generated characters, including famous Bagginses, Tooks, and Brandybucks! The contents ofShire™ Adventures are adapted fromthe Starter Set for The One Ring™ RPG.

A Loremaster's Screen with a compendium about Rivendell, including a map ofthe valley and a plan ofthe house itself, is also available.

The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying 5E Liveplay Trailer featuring Elijah Wood, Deborah Ann Woll, Reggie Watts and others, includes footage from the liveplay of the game recorded by Lost Odyssey Events at the LA Comic Con.

Left side of artwork shows ferry dock in darkness as hobbits cross Brandywine River on ferry at sunset above river while a hill and town awaits on the other side.
Hobbits at Brandywine River Ferry

About The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game

The One Ring™ is based on The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™, two extraordinary works of fiction by the beloved author and respected academic, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. With these books, Tolkien introduced readers to his greatest creation, the world of Middle-earth, a mythic land from a remote past. First released in 2011, The One Ring™ was hailed as the best attempt at bringing Middle-earth to the gaming table to date. Now the time has come for the game to enter a new era and bring new players further into the Twilight of the Third Age with The One Ring™ 2E and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying for 5E.

The year is 2965 ofthe Third Age and the Shadow is returning. Rumors of strange things happening outside the borders of civilized lands are spreading and they sometimes reach the ears of individuals who recognize the sinister truth they hide. You are part of such a company of heroes seeking adventure. Restless warriors, curious scholars and wanderers, eager to seek what was lost or explore what was forgotten.

The War of the Ring, Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings, The One Ring and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC and are used under license by Sophisticated Games Ltd and their respective licensees. © 2022 Sophisticated Games Ltd.

Line art in black and white shows Gandalf with large pointy hat, beard, and pipe with curling smoke
Gandalf line sketch art from book

The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game won a Gold ENNIE for Best Interior Art 2022.

Free League Publishing is a game studio and publisher dedicated to speculative fiction based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have published a wide range of award-winning tabletop roleplaying games and acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our upcoming games include the fantasy RPG Dragonbane, the MÖRK BORG spin-off RPG PIRATE BORG,The Walking Dead Universe RPG and Zone Wars - A Mutant: Year Zero tabletop wargame.

Our current game portfolio includesthe official Blade Runner RPG, The One Ring™ (ENNIE Award winner 2022), Tales Fromthe Loop - The Board Game, the official ALIEN RPG (Gold ENNIE for Best Game 2020), the Gothic horror game Vaesen (winner of three ENNIE Awards 2021), the pitch-black fantasy RPG MÖRK BORG (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2020), the alternate '80s Tales Fromthe Loop RPG (winner of five ENNIE Awards 2017, including Best Game), the retro-fantasy Forbidden Lands (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019), the postapocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero (Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015), the science fiction games Coriolis - The Third Horizon (Judge's Spotlight Award 2017) and Death in Space, the dark fantasy game Symbaroum, the weird-fantasy Into the Odd Remastered, the cyberpunk RPG CY_BORG and the new edition ofthe RPG classic Twilight: 2000 (Judges Award for Best RPG at UK Games Expo 2022).


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