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S6E2 - Durdle Games

Updated: May 17, 2023

Darren Reckner top left and Jason Hager of Durdle Games join Christopher High of Board Again Gaming podcast via Discord video for season 2 episode 6

I met Darren Reckner online during the pandemic and he was enthusiastic about Unmatched then. I would hazard to say his enthusiasm has grown as he and his co-designer Jason Hager have now made the first Unmatched co-op game through Restoration Games. You can check out my interview by watching or listening.

Episode synopsis:

Durdle Gamesis the design moniker of Jason Hager and Darren Reckner who are also local to the Cincinnati region. We talk about game design, Unmatched, and game designers they admire.  Their recent game design Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze from Restoration Games is the first cooperative version of the extremely successful Unmatched series. They also have another to be renamed deduction game signed with Weird Giraffe Games. We also talk dream IPs like Demolition Man and Exo Squad. 

Games mentioned in this episode: Libertalia, Unmatched, Block by Block, Cockroach Poker, Pit, Monopoly, Uno, Elder Scrolls: Legends, Magic the Gathering, Innovation, Glory to Rome, Impulse, Mottainai, Sleeping Gods, Adventures of Robinhood, War Chest, Undaunted, Sniper Elite, Resist, Burgle Brother 1 &2, Fugitive, Now Boarding, Paperback, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Lost Ruins of Arnak


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